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Roof Restoration

Should you Reroof or Choose Roof Coating?

Commercial buildings come in all shapes and sizes. From office buildings to warehouses, it’s important that they’re built with the best materials and the latest technology available.

One of the biggest concerns for any business owner is the protection of their building from the elements. It’s not uncommon for commercial buildings to experience harsh weather conditions throughout the year causing the roof to prematurely start to leak.

Here in Southern California, we experience extreme heat most of the year which can weather your roof faster than in other parts of the country. As a result your building may need to be reroofed sooner than expected.

However, roof coating is one of the ways to protect your building from the elements. It doesn’t matter what kind of roof you have, roof coating will extend the life of your commercial roof longer than it would otherwise last.

If this happens you likely need to reroof your building

One thing to consider before choosing to reroof is whether or not your roof is leaking. If it is not, you could choose to a roof coating solution which is much less expensive than a full reroof.

What is Roof Coating made of?

Roof coating is made up of a variety of products, including tar, asphalt, and other material.

Tar is a very effective product when it comes to keeping the roof from leaking.

It’s also an effective way to waterproof the structure. Asphalt is another popular option for a roof coating. It has been used since the beginning of time. It’s a natural product that provides protection and insulation to the structure.

There are other products that can be used for a roof coating. Some of the most popular are copper, fiberglass, and polyethylene. Copper is known for its ability to resist rust and corrosion.

Fiberglass is often used as a coating on boats and ships. Polyethylene is one of the most commonly used products for a roof coating. It is lightweight and flexible, which makes it a good choice for commercial structures.

Why choose to add Roof Coating?

Roof coating can protect it from fire. Fire is a big concern for many businesses. If a fire were to break out, it would spread quickly and could cause serious damage to a building. If you want to protect your building from the elements, roofing coating is one of the best options for you.

Here’s a recent roof coating project we completed

Project: Santa Margarita Ford

Type: Roof Coating

Why was Roof Coating recommended?

When their roof was due for replacement, the management team at Santa Margarita Ford called us to discuss their options. There are always a number of options to choose from when planning a roof project, with factors to consider such as budget, building type, and the condition of the existing roof system.

In this case, the existing roof system was still in good condition with no major leaks or structural problems, which made it an exceptional candidate for a silicone roof coating. Had the team waited to address the roof, they would be limited to higher cost options like a full roof replacement. Choosing a coating meant no demolition and disposal costs, minimal disruption to their sales and service operations, and up to 30% savings on cooling costs.

Project Details & Highlights

The first step in any coating project is thorough preparation of the existing roof surface. In this case, that meant removal and disposal of old rooftop equipment that was no longer in use, including old swamp coolers, pipes, and conduit.

The roof surface was then pressure-washed and cleaned of all grease, dirt, and debris. Any water channels, drains, and other leak prone areas were flashed and sealed with a special reinforced silicone mastic, and a primer coat was applied to ensure a lasting bright-white finish.

The silicone coating was then applied to the manufacturer’s specifications to achieve the desired warranty. In this case, we chose a system that includes a 15-year labor and material warranty.

The finished product was a bright, clean, roof surfaced with a robust warranty that was achieved at a fraction of the price of a traditional re-roof project.

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